Live Streaming Platforms and Apps 2023

Online live streaming platforms are video hosting platforms combined with live streaming technology so you can broadcast videos in real-time. Created to reach businesses globally, live streaming platforms and apps have attracted a large number of users. In fact, according to Grand View Research, the video marketing industry will reach $233.98 billion. Well, for you who want to know what Live Streaming Platforms and Apps 2022 are, let’s look at the lists here.

Youtube Live: The Best Choice for Live Streaming


One of the best live streaming platforms is Youtube Live. Yes, one of the services from Youtube allows creators to stream directly on Youtube with a webcam, cellular, or encoder. Streaming from Youtube can also be watched through social media websites, and can be played on various platforms and social networks simultaneously. Not only that, the audience can also chat with the live chat feature.

Facebook Live is Also Popular to Use for Live Streaming

Facebook is also one of the top live streaming platforms that can stream live video through conversations, promotions, questions and answers, and any content on Facebook. With Facebook Live, you can schedule a live stream. Posts related to your live stream will also be automatically published on the creator page. Not only that, streamers can also moderate comments during live broadcasts by making the settings provided there.

Since Facebook has a strong network to various social networks it can increase visibility on other social networks. Facebook also has a real-time analytics system that will help increase audience engagement. The good news is that you can use the service for free.

Who is Not Familiar with Instagram? Popular Social Media Applications that are Widely Used and Have Instagram Live Features

You can use the live streaming feature in Instagram stories so you can broadcast live videos. To use it, you just need to use the “Live” option on your Instagram account. You can also see your live streaming statistics and growth. Viewers can also post comments there and your followers will get notified whenever the streamer is live streaming.

Streamers can also pin comments or hide comments. Not only that, streamers can also invite friends to do live streaming together. Just like most Live Streaming Platforms and Apps 2022, this live streaming platform is also available for free to Instagram users.

Twitch: The Best Live Streaming App for Gamers

Twitch is a live streaming platform that focuses on the gaming and technology industry. You can chat and watch together with millions of other viewers around the world. Therefore, this live streaming platform is considered the biggest live streaming platform ever.

Streamers can monetize their content through channel subscriptions, emotes, bits, ads, sponsors, and more. Of course, streamers have to partner with Twitch first. Twitch is available for free to account owners of the platform. However, you can also opt for a subscription plan starting at $4.99 per month.

Brightcove: The Most Complete and Most Reliable Live Streaming Platform

One of the new live streaming platforms, it provides full-featured live streaming. Brightcove uses a simple, flexible, and easy-to-use API to create live streams. This platform uses SSAI (server-side-ad insertion) technology which allows viewers to watch lag-free and buffer-free shows. No wonder, if this video hosting platform ends up being one of the best Live Streaming Platforms and Apps 2022.

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